Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Random Things About Me

When I first decided to start a blog, I was hesitant to share my personal information with the general public. It creeped me out to think that some wierdo in Cleveland would know my kids names and where we lived.  But upon further reflection, I am SUPER-creeped out that some wierdo in Cleveland would know that stuff.  However in the spirit of (over)sharing, I thought it only fair to reveal a few random facts about myself:

1. I fantasize about dragging our Diaper Champ diaper pail and every diaper, baby wipe, pull-up fake underwear thingie (that's not fooling anyone by the way, it's still a diaper) swim diaper, miniature toilet seat, rubber sheets, changing table pad,  every last wee wee pad and that useless book about the Prince and his Potty out into the driveway and setting it ablaze just as soon as my youngest son is potty trained.
2 . If you are ever invited over to our house for s'mores, you may want to bring your own firewood.
3. There are several dozen live crickets in my basement that I put there myself.
4. We recently got our son a bearded dragon for his birthday (I try to tell myself that this justifies the creepiness of  #3). His name is Flapjack (the lizard, not my son).
5. Not long ago I swore I'd never get my son a pet that ate live things.
6. I hate parades, wearing socks and being stuck in traffic with an irritable toddler in the car.
7. I love surfing despite the fact that I cannot really surf and when I try there is usually blunt force trauma and near drowning involved. I continue to surf mostly because there is hardly ever an irritable todder around when I do.
8. Both my kids have hugged alligators and swam with sharks while I took pictures.*
9. I am a really excellent parent (and I'm available for babysitting).
10. My favorite kind of ice cream is hot fudge with chocolate chip mint on top.

* No apex predators were harmed in the making of this blog. (however to be fair, the crickets in my basement are pretty much screwed)


Anonymous said...

Ewww, no socks... what kind of a person are you?

Blog An said...

Apparrently, I'm the kind of person who employs creative measures to discourage others from wearing her shoes. That and I prefer flip-flops.