Saturday, September 10, 2011

Laundry Orgami

Alert the media: My son has invented a new art form, Laundry Origami. He has an uncanny ability to transform ordinary soiled clothing into random intricate shapes as he peels them from his body and flings them in the general direction of his hamper. Today I found a shirt that he had formed into the statue of liberty and a jeans/underwear combination in the shape of Dick Cheney doing a downward dog. Not to brag, but he is quite gifted. Seriously, give my kid a sweater vest and a button down shirt and he'll twist them into a scale model of a Bavarian mountain village.

After discovering that he had created an exact replica of St Patrick’s Cathedral using only socks and a football jersey, I became curious as to how he accomplished such feats of dexterity.   One evening I asked him to change into his PJ’s then sat back to watch the show.  The spectacle that followed was nothing short of spectacular.  In fact it nearly defies description with mere words.  But I’ll try.  First let me say his athleticism was astounding.  It could best be described as the love child of Cirque du Soleil and a rugby match.  He flailed, he spun, he crab-walked across his desk.  I can’t be 100% sure, but at one point I’d swear he was levitating over his bed as he twirled his clothing above him, not unlike a New York pizza chef. 

Finally, when the dust had settled, I realized that I hadn’t dusted his room in quite some time.  I also saw, there on the floor, a perfectly rendered model of the Titanic made entirely of cargo shorts and his boy scout neckerchief.

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